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What is the meaning of Sesame Oil?

The definitions of Sesame oil is the oil that is extracted from the seeds of sesame plant. Sesame plants are grown in Africa and also in some parts of India. Sesame plants have been one of the oldest plants that are being used for the extraction of oil and used in various purposes like cooking, health care, etc. Sesame seeds are known to produce the highest yield of oil as compared to other seeds.

Meaning of Sesame Oil in Hindi is ‘til ka tel’. According to the meanings in Hindi Shabdkosh, sesame seeds are called as ‘til’. Pronunciation of ‘til’ is as til in Hindi. The synonyms of sesame oil are vegetable oil or condiment oil. The translation of sesame seed oil in Hindi is ‘tila’, or ‘teel’. 


Sesame Oil is used all over the world for cooking purposes. Sesame Oil is known to have immense nutrients richness which is very beneficial for our health. Use of sesame oil should be promoted to receive all the nutrients present in it. Consuming sesame oil provided various health benefits. It is used for lots of purposes like skin care, hair care, anti ageing characteristics.

Used for enhancing hair growth

To promote and enhance the growth of your hair, sesame oil is the best choice. Hot oil treatment of Sesame seed oil is proven to be highly effective in thickening of hair and restoring the natural black shine of your hair. A gentle massage with lukewarm sesame seed oil in the hair and scalp helps in promoting the growth of the new tresses and nourishes it. The fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 that are present in the sesame seed oil provide the required nutrients to the scalp and hairs.

Prevents premature greying of hairs

Premature greying of hairs are a common issue amongst the people of every age, even the children below the age of 10 are suffering from it. Sesame seed oil belong to the category of oils that are known to possess the hair darkening properties and are widely used for preventing the occurrence of grey hairs at early age.

It is also used as hair conditioner

Another amazing advantage of daily using sesame seed oil is that it penetrates deep in the skin and improves the moisture content of the scalp. The dryness of the scalps and flakes causing dandruffs are prevented by the regular use of sesame seed oil. The application of sesame seed oil to the hairs provides conditioning to it and prevents its dryness. The split ends and damages to the hairs are recovered by the use of sesame seed oil. It makes the hair look shiny, soft and bouncy. You can mix sesame seed oil with your regular hair conditioner in a bowl or prepare a hair mask using sesame oil and apply it on hairs and avoid roots of the hairs. Wash off your hair from lukewarm water after leaving it for a couple of minutes. Your hair will become better than before and you can experience silky and soft tresses.

Sesame seed oils are rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a key nutrient that helps in reversing the skin damage caused by pollution and harmful sun’s ultra violet rays. The use of Vitamin E prevents ageing. Sesame seed oil is known to be rich in Vitamin E and have these anti ageing properties. Most of the commercially used anti ageing creams have sesame seed oil as one of its core ingredients. Vitamin E fights and balances the free radicals produced in the body that damages the skin and causes the delay in the ageing process.

Sesame seed oil is beneficial for the skin rashes and inflammation

The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of sesame seed oil makes it a great natural ingredient to be used on skin for blemishes and inflammation. It treats the skin by its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. The regular usage of sesame seed oil makes your skin look flawless and clean. Application of Sesame seed oil on the face can be done at night before going to bed and then washed off in the morning to obtain the desired results. For best and early results, one should use this technique of sesame seed oil application on daily basis.

The viscosity of the sesame seed oil is slightly higher than any other natural oil and thus it can be ideally used for massaging the body and used as a conditioner for skin. The skin gets complete nourishment by the application of sesame seed oil onto it. For a country like India where oils are used for the nourishment and as moisturiser for the skin, sesame oil is the best option. It also improves the elastic nature, softness and skin texture.

Ultra violet radiations damage the skin to very large extent. The radiations penetrate deep inside the skin and damage it from within. Pollution, toxins produced inside the body, the harmful chemicals of cosmetics and particulates that are suspended in the air also damage skin badly. Sesame seed oil protects your skin from any severe damage from the UV radiations, any kind of pollution or chemicals.

No more suffering from those hideous scars

Scars and cuts look hideous and ugly on the face and the chemicals that are available in the market are harmful to the skin. We can use sesame seed oil to lighten the scars and cuts. Vitamin E helps in the healing of the wounds and scars with its anti bacterial properties. It also reduced the appearance of the scars on the skin if the sesame seed oil is applied while the healing process of the wounds on the skin

Dry hands and cracked ankles treatment

People suffering from the common problems like dryness in hands and cracked ankles can be easily solved by constant application of sesame seed oil. Apply and massage the sesame oil in hands and ankles with constant circular motion before going to bed at night. The healing process increases several times at night. Do not forget to wear socks and gloves after applying oil to the ankles and hands respectively. The sesame seed oil penetrates deep within the skin and the recovery of the skin of hands and ankles are achieved making it look younger and softer.

Sesame seed oil is also used in the production of margarine, cosmetics and various soaps because of the various nutritious and anti bacterial properties.

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